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The best Free Keyword Research Tools 2023

Free Keyword Research Tools: Get Ideas about niche related Keywords

Keyword research tools mostly help you find keywords, but free keyword research tools have some limitations. These tools also help you choose the best keywords that are easy to rank.

As you may know, keywords are the most important aspect of SEO methods and strategies. Therefore, effective keyword research and analysis is the key to bringing in online visitors.

People will use a number of techniques to find keywords. Always try to use best practices for finding keywords.

What are Keywords?

All the queries or text that a user types into a search engine for purposes of searching are referred to as keywords. Discovering keywords is mandatory for all types on-page seo ,organic SEO or Local SEO.

A keyword may include several words. If the term includes four or more words, it is referred to as a long tail keyword, while keywords with fewer than three words are referred to as short keywords. Examples of keywords are shown below.

  • Online earning methods without investment
  • Plumber in New York

The first one in the above list is the long tail keyword example, and the second is the short keyword. If you have a website or business that fits into one of the above niches, you should be interested in these keywords.

If you want your website or business to do well in search engines, you need to find related keywords and use them in the content of your website.

There are several free and paid tools, but here on this topic, our focus will be only on free keyword research tools.

List of Free Keyword Research Tools

Here we have listed the best free keywords research tools for seo available in market.

1. Google Keywords Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps with keyword research for paid searches. This free tool allows you to find new keywords related to your business.

You can find the volume of searches for a keyword and the cost of targeting the keyword.

You should create a Google Ads account for Keyword Planner.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a useful tool that tells you what people are searching for and how popular certain keyword phrases have become over time.

Google Trends may be used to compare the search volume of two or more keywords and to find event-driven changes in keyword search traffic.

Google Trends also displays related search keywords and sub regional trends in search interest.

Google Trends is beneficial for advertisers. For instance, if your company operates on a seasonal basis (winter apparel), you should begin advertising when your business is in trend.

3. Answer the Public

People are doing searches in a natural way; hence, search engines must understand the behavior of people towards search queries, how they perform queries, and how they use keywords.

Frequently, people submit queries as questions. Google is ideally suitable for displaying question and answer snippets as its main priority.

Furthermore, Answer the Public is a useful resource for targeting such questions and queries, which often include long tail keyword.

On the Answer the Public tool, all you need to do is input your search query, and you’ll get a list of related queries that include the question, comparison, or related long tail keyword as info graphics.

4. Keywords Generator

Ahref, a well-known company that makes SEO tools, made the Ahrefs Keyword Generator, which is a popular keyword research tool.

Find related keywords from Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon with search volume and keyword difficulty.

You may uncover up to 150 relevant keywords associated with your target keyword. If you want to exceed the limit, you should buy Ahref.

5. Keyword Surfer

If you already know a lot about keywords and just need a quick overview for keyword research and analysis, install the free keyword research tool “Keyword Surfer extension” on your Chrome browser.

The Keyword Surfer not only shows keyword data for each Google search, but it also shows a side panel with the 10 most relevant keywords for your search query.

If you want to exceed the limit, you need to buy a keyword surfer.

6. Keyword Sheeter

If you want to quickly brainstorm a large number of keyword ideas, Keyword Sheeter is the best free keywords tools. It pulls out a lot of ideas, up to 1000 per minute.

You can export the results of keywords that are related.

On the basic free plan, Keyword Sheeter does not offer search volume and competition index, but on the other hand, Google Keyword Planner has the option of search volume and competition index.


There are several keyword research tools, but we have just highlighted the most popular ones. 

It is your SEO expert’s brain that will select the appropriate keywords to rank you on Google’s 1st page or near the 1st page, regardless of the technique you use.

Using SEO keyword strategies, you may optimize your website/page to rank higher on Google and get more web traffic.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use the free keyword research tools to do excellent and thorough keyword research and analysis.

Apart from Keyword Research Tools, a recurring theme in all of our SEO-related articles is the importance of using low-competition long-tail keywords.

Once long tail keyword are ranked, ultimately your short-tail keywords will be ranked with the passage of time.

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