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A Easy Guide for Local SEO 2023

Local SEO has become a necessity for small businesses in the current digital world.

Daily, people use search engines like Google, Apple, Bing, etc. Their queries like “near me”, “nearby”, and “close by” are local searches; this means they are looking for a cafe, restaurant, bank, school, or property in their nearby areas.

More than 40% of Google searches are local. You should use local SEO for small businesses if you own a business and want to expand your online presence locally.

You can also do local SEO for multiple locations.

Most local searches, above 80%, happen on smartphones.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of using all strategies to boost your local search engine rankings on Google, Bing, etc. Local SEO is similar to organic search, with the inclusion of a geographical location.

You should only use white-hat local search ranking strategies for businesses and avoid any black-hat or grey-hat local SEO for businesses.

It is possible that a trick may temporarily improve your local ranking. However, it is 100% guaranteed that a black or grey hat will not be sustainable.

Many people waste their money on misleading and low-cost black-hat affordable local SEO services for ranking.

Local SEO Best Practices and Common Issues are addressed in this article.

As an SEO student for many years, I recommend not using shortcuts to rank in the Google search engine.

Every shortcut will soon become outdated, and your SEO for local businesses will suffer as a result.

Avoid local search engine optimization company that use unfair search engine marketing for Local business.

Before the conclusion of this article, I will highlight common errors individuals make while attempting to improve their Google local ranking in Google Listing Pack 3 or Organic Search.

Benefits of Local SEO

Optimizing your local SEO has the following advantages.

  • Create Trust and Authority
  • More phone calls and Emails
  • Increased website traffic
  • Conversion and Leads 

Local SEO best Practices

The following technique is local SEO for businesses to increase the number of visitors.

1. Website Creation and On-Page SEO Optimization for Local SEO

a. Keywords Research and Relevant Content Creation

Include your keywords in the Title, Meta description, Page Contents, URL, filename of the info graphic, and alt tags for pictures. 

There are a lot of paid and free keyword research tools. One of the best free tools is the Google Keyword Planner.

You can also use other best Keyword Research Tools.

b. User friendly

Creating a user friendly website and making it responsive will boost your Google search ranking. The website layout should be interactive and choose the color carefully.

c. Dedicated Pages

If you have several items, services, or categories, you should develop distinct pages for each product, service, or category based on their location.

If you place all the contents on a single page, your local SEO won’t work because search engines won’t see you as an authority brand in a certain product/service/category/area based on location.

d. Mobile-friendly Website

Making a website mobile-friendly is necessary because the majority of local searches occur on mobile devices.

Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly. Optimizing your website for mobile devices increases website traffic.

e. Location on Website

Include your business location’s physical address explicitly, preferably in the footer. A website address is essential for Google local ranking.

The address should contain the business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP).

If you have many company locations, you must have a dedicated page for Google local rankings.

f. Map on Website

Include a map of your business’s location on its website, as recommended by local SEO best practices.

If you have many locations, either include them all on a single map or provide a separate map for each.

The map allows your customers to locate you when necessary.

g. Local Content Creation

Local content management is essential for local Google rankings.

Develop a brand image that engages your local market. Focus on the tone and language of the content that should be presented to you locally during  “Local content creation.”

2. Google My Business for Local SEO

Google My Business is a tool for managing your online presence and also helps show up your business in Google organic search results, including maps.

We suggest optimizing your Google My Business profile for increased visibility and GMB ranking. The Google My Business resource is free of charge.

Follow these steps to set up a Google My Business account and optimize your Google Business Listing

1. Add Complete Business name, Address, Phone (NAP) and NAP should be consistent with your     business address on the website.

2. Add an accurate physical address and opening hours to Google maps.

3. Verify your business using the available options: phone, postcard, or email. Don't even use unethical means to get "Google my business verified" status.

4. Upload photographs of your organization. Include images of the inside and outside of your workplace.

5. Add all the additional business categories relevant to your niche.

6. Update your Google My Business profile often with new information and posts about your business.

7. Getting customer reviews and answering them regularly.

3. Blog on Website

You must add a blog to your website for local SEO, and you must update it at least once every week about your products or services.

The second piece of advice for a blog is to include long-tail keywords in your article since many other blogs are also attempting to rank for primary keywords.

when your post ranks for long-tail keywords relating to your niche, your website/business will rank naturally over time.

4. Backlinks

For local SEO, backlinks from authoritative websites are preferable. Choose a local website with a good reputation and ask the owner for a backlink to help your SEO.

You can also buy backlinks along with guest posts. There are many SEO link building services and freelancers.

You can boost your business Google’s local ranking with high domain authority link building.

Try to gain mostly do-follow links and a little bit of no-follow links. One more thing is that link building should be manual and avoided by automated link building services. 

The Google search engine can penalize you for using an SEO automated link building service for a website/blog.

5. Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews for businesses are very important for local ranking on Google.

Client reviews show the sentiments of people towards your business, so you should take them seriously.

A negative customer review is not the end of your business.

If you find some negative customer feedback, try to improve your service and resolve customer issues. Later, the same customer kills a negative review with a positive customer review and you win back customers.

Gain customer trust by responding to reviews. Here are some tips for getting customer reviews:

1. Provide some sort of incentive for client reviews.

2. Place an advertisement on your website for customer reviews. 

3. Does your website include a transaction? Then ask a question after the transaction. 

4. Create a blog comment section. 

5. Social media is the best opportunity to get customer reviews.

6. Social Media

As Google has indicated, social media activity will no longer be a ranking factor, but we cannot ignore the impact of social media.

More than 2.8 billion people are engaged on various social media networks. Therefore, social media platforms are a major source of traffic for your website.

You should create business accounts and pages across all social media platforms.

7. Citation Building

There are two types of citation building listed below for local SEO.

1. Local Citation

Location citation is the process of listing a company’s name, location, phone number, and other available information in multiple business directories, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

If you are building local citations for a client’s website, you must do an audit of local citations and remove all duplicates.

2. Google Map Citations

Google Map citations are reference points targeting locations around your business on the Google Custom Map.

Some individuals purchase Google Map Citation services from a freelancing website. But I am unsure about the effectiveness of Google map citations for local SEO.

Local Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a piece of structured data (according to the schema.org standard) that makes it easier for search engines to crawl, organize, and understand the content on your website.

In 2011, all of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex) joined to create Schema.

Schema.org’s Schema Markup lets you make a landing page for rich results (formerly called “rich snippets”).

You can use the Google Structured Data Markup Helper to get the schema markup code. You select a type of content and input the website URL and data.

Local SEO CheckList for businesses in Tabular Form

Content CreationCreate content with relevant niche keywords (especially long-tail keywords with less difficulty).
Google My BusinessOptimize Google My Business Profile (Most Important).
BlogCreate blog on website with regular posting.
Local CitationCreate local citation with NAP (Name Address Phone).
NAP (Name Address Phone) should be consistent across the website, backlinks, local citations, Google My Business, and Bing.
Social MediaCreate a profile on all social media platforms. 
Customer ReviewsObtain feedback from customers. 
Schema MarkupInform search engines about your products and services with Structured Data (Schema) Markup.

Local SEO Mistakes

Please avoid the following mistakes for the local SEO of your business.

  • Don’t create or purchase a PBN (Public-Private Network).
  • Don’t create or buy low-quality backlinks or automated backlinks.
  • There is no Google My Business Profile. 
  • There is no NAP consistency on local citation websites.
  • The Duplicate listings on the local citation websites
  • There are no local keywords in the content.
  • Purchasing Customer Reviews


Local SEO for companies involves a number of factors, and there will be no easier way to rank on Google, Bing, Apple, etc.

Local SEO is a continuous process, and a lot of work is required to rank on the first page and in Google Pack 3. We must consider all factors, including Google My Business, websites, blogs, and content creation.

We must avoid purchasing bogus services from freelancing websites and avoid any black-hat or gray-hat services. We can thrive using purely white-hat local SEO strategies. 

We must avoid purchasing bogus services from freelancing websites and avoid dealing with any black-hat or gray-hat individuals. We can succeed by using purely white-hat local SEO strategies.

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