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7 Link building important fundamentals | 2023

Link Building for Beginners

If you want to deep down in link building topic, then Stay with Us.

This link Building article is for you.

Link Building is the most important part of SEO World to drive traffic through search engines. Search engines consider many factors for ranking, but one of the most valuable factors is Linking Building for SEO Algorithm.

People are aware of link building, but they don’t have care about the Quality of Link Building. May some time low quality, Sammy link building methods work to rank one website/page, but they will not work for long-term organic searches.

As Link building services are more correspondent to Organic Search and huge traffic, Therefore who know the importance of link building, always try to get high-quality backlinks with high Domain Authority ( Moz Measurement of domain ranking ) or high Domain Rating ( Ahref Measurement of domain ranking). If they purchase services, they will go for the best link building services.

If you are thinking about link building, Our recommendation high some good SEO agencies or Some good SEO Experts who will provide high domain Authority link building or high domain rating link building. Don’t go for black hat or Grey hat link building techniques and avoid getting low-quality backlinks from freelance websites.

Definition of Link Building

Link Building is the process of gaining a link to own websites from Other websites. You can more simplify, Other websites have links targeting Your website.

Gaining relevant hyperlink to a website from external website is Called Link Building.

These links are also known as backlinks.

Basically, search engine crawl links on all your web pages and also crawl links of other websites targeting your website. On the basis of these backlinks/link building URL along with other SEO factors, the Search engine calculates your page ranking and displays your page on the basis of a ranked position by the Search Engine Algorithm.

You can gain both free linking building or Paid link building, we will more discus about paid or free link building in this article.

Structure of Backlinks/link Building / Anchor link

Link building / Backlink in technical term of html language called Anchor link or Anchor Text. Here is any example Anchor link.

<a href=””>Optimize Google My Business</a>

This anchor text is Clickable. Google / Other Search engine use these anchor text/link as a Ranking Signal.

Important Fundamental for Link Building

When you are going to build / Buy some link, you should have to keep in mind following things.

1. Relevancy of website for Link

The most important thing that google prefer is relevancy of Link. Like if you have website of Real Estate.

Then you should get a link in an article related to Real Estate or from Real Estate website.

2. Page Ranking for Link Building

What doe Page Ranking means? Answer! Page Ranking means Page Authority.

Think about, does link you are building or gaining have some impact on your ranking?

According to SEO Expert, it will impact you page, if that page has good Ranking/Authority.

Only authoritative page will boost Your Site Ranking (Page Rank).

3. Domain Authority or Domain Rating

Quality Link are recognized by Authority.

If you want to check Domain Authority, then tool is available on Moz website

If you want to check Domain Rating, then tool is available on Ahref website.

4. Anchor Text for Link Building

What is Anchor Text It is a clickable section of Text in website is called Anchor Text.

Google consider anchor Text as for Ranking Single either in shape of internal link or External Link.

We simple recommend on basis of our experience in SEO, Avoid Keyword-rich Anchor text. Keyword-rich-anchor text means that exactly match with niche or focus keywords.

5. Link Building as Editorially

This is basic question to rank, that you always try to ask yourself. Is Your link being is an Editorial Link

According to Definition of Editorial link, all those link for that you had not asked or paid   and Someone link your website because he think your website Content are awesome.

Google Algorithm has too much weight-age for Editorial Links.

As Google Wording summary ” All link that are not editorial, are unnatural link and Considered violation of guideline.”.

6. Link Building surrounding word Co-Occurrences

Co-Occurrence mean words and phrase that are before or after your link. Or Even in world in article or paragraph are called Co – Occurrence word where your link is placed.

You have to keep eye on that, because Google consider those co-occurrence of worlds.

In simple word, you should get link building from related website content / blog post.

7. Linking Building  No Follow vs Do Follow

As we have discussed about anchor text importance about Linking Building. Now Anchor text has one attribute rel with value “nofollow” or “dofollow” . example

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>

As if you link has value “nofollow”, This mean link is instructing to google don’t consider this link. Obviously Now its very clear if you want to get backlinks for ranking in Google then It must be “dofollow”.


According to our analysis and study on seo about link building, we reach that you must have follow these points

  1. Relevancy of website
  2. Page ranking and Domain Ranking
  3. Editorial Link
  4. Do follow backlink

These are core recommendation for improving your website seo and you can achieve your marketing goal.

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