Earn money online without investment for students

5 Best ways to earn money online without investment for students | 2023

Earn money online without investment for student

Are you a Student ? and you want to earn online money free, Then you are at right place . Here following are the ways to earn money online free.

Make money online become very popular in World , But some people explain in videos, articles and on on other forum that it very easy and you can do it without Skills , we as an online earning professional , don’t believe on these theories, This is admirable that in skill you have put less efforts and like may be students can earn money online without investment.

Now we are discussing all the easy ways that Students can earn money online without investment.

Article Writing

As a Student you can take work of article writing to earn money online free, There’s is no requirement of investment on many freelance websites.

You have to follow these steps.


Before starting working as freelance article writer, We suppose you are aware/expert in language in which you are going to write article. One other thing, We recommend that You get a knowledge about SEO, because many of clients demand to write article by following SEO Standards.

One of Tip that will work 100% either you will write article for your own blog or any other , Must include consider long tail keyword in article for ranking. You can find long tail keywords for Keywords research tools.

Step 1:

Make an account on freelance websites and Get approval of your profile.

Step 2:

Create a Service/Gig on freelance websites , Bids on website for article writing.

Step 3:

When you get some order, research about that topic on internet , Collect all the information and also get related keywords from keywords research tools like (Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc).

Now write a unique article on basis of data collected and include keywords by following SEO standard for better ranking. Avoid from plagiarism.

Important Note: Type of article writing

You can write feature article, editorial writing, argumentative article, write an article for your school
magazine, write a blog post etc. There are lot of niches and you can write article on any topic. But our recommendation that choose 1-3 topics to write about for an article and get grip on that for well written articles.

Recommendation for new comers as article writing

For learning purpose , Initially You can find client from Social media platforms like from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. There are lot of groups or pages available regarding freelance article writer , where you can offer your services.

Initially, You can become a free article writer and when you feel now you do article writing best feature articles, then you start to write articles for money.

List of freelance website where you can create a service for writing article.

  1. Fiverr
  2. SEO Clerk

List of freelance website where you can bid for writing article

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelance

YouTube Channel

As a Student , You can earn online money by creating a best youtube channels without any investment. if you have courage to come in front of camera then well otherwise you can make a silent youtube channel by recording video.

Here we are not going to discuss Youtube Channel Ideas, because there’s a huge number of youtube channel topics and ideas.

Steps to Create a Simple YouTube Channel


You must have Gmail account for YouTube Channel Creation.

Step 1

First Login on Gmail and Open YouTube then you have a default YouTube channel with your account name. Or you can create a new one.

Step 2

Create Videos either by your phone/Camera or on laptop /desktop by using Video editing software like Camtasia / OBS Studio.

Data Entry

Either you are student or doing some job or house wife, Each and every person , who have some basic knowledge of computer , can get data entry work from home without investment and earn online money free.

Top Most skill that we recommend to earn money online without investment for students is online data entry.

There are uncountable data entry projects and website available on internet , but be careful about scam data entry sites. Because there are huge number of people , who can take work from data entry operator and run away without paying a single penny. So before doing you should have proper research about online freelance websites and social media groups.

Few authentic data entry platforms are below.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelance
  3. Guru


Another best way to earn online money without investment is Blogging. Student can start a blog for free related to any topic or niche.

Our recommendation student should make blogs a s fun, Even they can make post on blog what they are studying each and every day. Blogs can help for their to learning and earning money online.

I believe if a student write blog with sincerity and do some proper seo, He/she can easily meet his education expenses.

Following are the Platform where student can make blog free of cost without any investment

  1. Blogger.com
  2. WordPress.com

Once You have started creating blog, the keep in mind following important points

  1. Avoid from plagiarism(Don’t copy data from other blogs /website.) . Always write some unique content for successfully blog.
  2. Each and Every article should not be less then 500 Words.
  3. Before writing any article, You must search about keywords related to that article , especially focus on long tail keyword. After that incorporate these keywords in article.

After successfully blogging , our recommendation about 10 posts, You should include advertisement platforms. Because You can earn from blogging by Affiliate marketing or Advertisement. Later in article we will discuss separately Affiliate marketing.

You can incorporate advertisement from lot of platform. But we will recommend here two most best platforms for advertisement.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Ezoic (Google Partner)

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, You will promote other product, as a result when people will buy their product, those platform share some commission on percentage basis with you. Here , we are feeling happy to tell you that affiliate marketing is not only to earn online money without investment for student, Its also does not require too much skills.

Following steps are involved for affiliate marketing.

Step 1

Create an account on any affiliate marketing platform.

Step 2

Create/Get a link for text or banner.

Step 3

Here you can do two thing

  1. Place on your website if you have some blog, You can write article in include affiliate link in that article text.
  2. You can share that link in your YouTube video , social media pages or groups.

Platform for Affiliate Marketing

There are huge number of platforms that you can join their affiliate program, like hosting website, software companies, shopping website. We will recommend two big platforms to join for affiliate marketing.

  1. Amazon affiliate Marketing
  2. Click bank affiliate Marketing


As Its fact “The struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings”. Here we reach on conclusion , that If our student put effort and struggle in online earning money , Then can easily do it and make independent. Most of queries related to earn money online without investment for student are resolved by reading this article, because we have covered and touched only those method in which student can earn online money free on the basis of his prior knowledge and skills.

As you know that , Student can easily join affiliate marketing platform like amazon or click bank there’s is no restriction.

Students can easily writing article for lot niches , because they have domain knowledge of lot of niche, they have writing skill as part of their study.

Students can easily make a YouTube channel , Even if they have no idea, they can make a YouTube channel whatever they are studying in their course work. This YouTube channel passion need a little bit skills like make a thumbnail, record video. But Lot of helping material available and many students are already earning money from YouTube channel.

Student can easily do data entry work, because if they are computer literate , the data entry is not a rocket science for students.

In short, Those student who are willing to take initiative , must succeeded to earn online money without investment. Here We should say as final word “Student can do more online earning as freelancer” , If they focus on gaining skill along with study.

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