Is technology a good career path

Is Technology A Good Career Path? Diverse and Trustworthy Opinions | 2023

It’s amazing that so many people agree that “Technology a Good Career Path.” However, I disagree with them owing to some arguments. As I will explain in this essay, technology is an excellent career path for the majority of individuals, but not for everyone. I hope you enjoy this opinion.

As we are all aware, nobody can escape technology’s impact in this modern world. It is a fact that we cannot survive or flourish without technology.

There are technologies in your hands, such as mobile phones and smartphones.

Advantages of Technology A Good Career Path

Now let’s discuss in simple terms who should consider a career in technology.

1. Earn More Money

Who’s crazy enough to want to make money and get richer and richer? Compared to other jobs, the pay in the technology field is very high, even if you are doing an entry-level job.

2. Career Growth

If you want a career path with a lot of opportunities for growth, technology is the best career choice for you.

You can become a programmer, a graphic designer, an article writer, a blog writer, a freelancer, a project manager, a quality assurance specialist, a network analysis specialist, a data analyst, and so on.

There are a lot of other categories and subcategories. If you want to learn more, read our topic on categories and subcategories of technology.

3. Challenges with New Innovations

If you’re crazy enough to want to spend your life doing new things, researching, and innovating, then tech is the best career path for you. Technology changes quickly, so you always have to learn and do something new.

4. Self-Employed (Be your own Boss)

Are you crazy to be self-employed?  You want to be your own boss as soon as possible; technology is the best career growth for you. You can start your own business from a very young age, and you can play smartly in the field of technology.

Disadvantages of Technology Career Path

Now we’ll talk about people for whom the technology career path isn’t the best career path. I hope people who love technology won’t mind. They can disagree with me because I’m communicating my own experience. I’ve worked in the technology industry for more than 20 years.

1. Less Social

If you are more social in society, I do not believe you should pursue a profession in technology. Technology affects your social life since there are the latest technological challenges every day. As a result, people spend more time on their work and scarifies social life.

They earn more money for this scarification. That is a fact.

2. Concentrate on Common Work

You should not pursue a career in technology if you have an aptitude for common and routine tasks, as technology is not routine work and requires you to learn something new.

3. Consistent Pressure

Are you incapable of working under consistent pressure? Then you should avoid considering a career in technology. People have specific budgets and time frames for projects or research; they cannot tolerate you, and you will soon tire of them.

4. Being a Thinker/Creator of Ideas

Importantly, if you are a man who thinks of ideas for humankind and societies, you should become an intellectual or idea generator, not a technologist. Technology is a tool for implementing ideas, but it does not create them.

Now we only focus on people in the rest of the article who are still interested in pursuing technology as a career path.

What is Average Salary in Technology a Good Career Path?

For motivational purposes, we will discuss the average salary. The average salary varies by location and professional categroy; here is some statistical data for some major technology market places.

These facts and figures are not 100% perfect. However, This is our rough guess by surfing internet.

Country Average Salary per annum
United State$100,110
United Kingdom$65,275
Average Salary Statistical data

How I can Start Technology as a Career Path?

As I explained earlier, technology is a necessity in our lives; we cannot survive without it. Even if you have not chosen a career in technology, you cannot avoid learning about it.

Reasons for Technology a Good career path

  1. If you’re in the medical field, all of your checkups and lab tests are performed by technology.
  2. If you’re in the construction industry, all of your measurements and maps are created by technology.
  3. If you’re in the banking industry, all of your financial transactions will be simple and quick due to technology.

I hope you understand how important technology is.  If you do, you can either make it your full-time job or use it to help you in another field.

The Best Ways to Learn Technology

You can start with technology in the following ways.

1. Learning Skills

In the technology sector, you can learn a lot of skills and tools. You can learn from the Internet by using websites like YouTube, Facebook, and many others.

2. Certification

You can get certified in different kinds of skills by going to a face-to-face training class or online training program.

3. Earn a Degree

You can get a real degree. There are a lot of schools and institutes that offer classes in person or online. You can sign them up for the Tech Career Path program.

4. Jobs

If you already know something about technology, you can apply for the job.

A Professional Career Path in Information Technology

There is a huge list of technology as a career path. Some of them are as follows:

  • Chief Technology’s career path
  • The Cloud Architect career path
  • AWS certified Administrator career path
  • Computer Networking career path
  • AWS solutions architect career path
  • Computer Technician career path


You should learn about technology because it has become an important part of our lives, but whether or not you want to make a career out of it depends on what you’re interested in. Technology is good for a career, but there are many other fields where you can get a good job, make money, and have fun.

If you think your personality, interests, and skills are right for a career in technology, you should go into technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Technology a Good Career Path?

Yes, of course, the technology career path is sweet for those who have interest, aptitude, patience, and are capable of learning new things.

Is Technology Not a Good Career Path?

Yes, it’s not an honest career path for those who don’t have an interest in learning new tools and skills.

Is Technology a Good Career Path with High Growth?

Yes, technology as a career path has a high growth rate. You can surf the internet and find the statistics on technology career paths. Many surveys and statistics show that the technology boom has touched each and every field.

Is There any Disadvantage of a Career in Technology?

Yes, the disadvantage of a career in technology is that you simply need to update your skills regularly and  long working hours.

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