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The Best AI Writing Tools for Blogging & Content Writing | 2023

Here is a brief guide to the best AI writing tools, but you can read on for more information.

Everyone involved in this globalized world is aware of the significance of online content writing. Many of us create written content, and many of us also consume it. 

People write on a variety of platforms; Some are involved in blog writing, video content writing, copy-writing, brand writing, and book writing, among other forms of writing.

Briefly, content writing has become a requirement for us to explain something.

The best AI content writing tools are the only software that generates unique, non-plagiarized content with a single click.

You only need to provide your ideas (which means topic headline). These software tools have multiple templates for writing website content, blog posts, and articles.

While AI writing tools can help you create content, they cannot replace human writing skills and intelligence. 

AI content writing software makes writers’ lives easier; if a writer normally writes 5,000 words per day, he can write three times as many, or 15,000, with the help of AI writing software. 

Best AI Writing Software | 2023

Jasper – Leading AI Writing Tool with huge cost

CloserCopy – A best alternative of Jasper with variety of AI writing features

Frase – Hight quality content AI Writing with organic search

Scalenut – Cost effective solution for AI Content Writer

Copymatic AI – Best AI Writing tool with unique and natural AI Power

GrowthBarSEO – Best seo optimized content post writer

Simplified AI – Best AI content generator with rich features

Writesonic – Best AI content writer with copy-writing templates

AI Writer – Best AI writer generate most relevant content – Generate Content related Ideas

Copysmith AI – AI content writer for eCommerce websites

Rytr AI – Cheapest AI Content Writer with various features

Grammarly – AI writing tool for Grammar

A Closer Look at Best AI Writing Software

The top AI writing assistant software list along with their prices and key features is as follows.

1. Jasper (Jarvis)

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is one of the best AI content writing programs. By utilizing Jarvis’ artificial intelligence, you can write blogs, articles, books, scripts, and any other type of content quickly and easily.

Jasper pricing

Jarvis’s free trial offers up to 10,000 words; the following are Jarvis’s free pricing options.

  • Jarvis Starter costs 29$/month for 20,000 words
  • Jarvis Boss Mode costs 59$/month for 50,000 words


  • Jasper provides multiple automated copy-writing tools and content creation templates.
  • Jarvis composes an entire document containing original and creative content (plagiarism-free)
  • With Jarvis, you can write a blog post in a few minutes.
  • Integration with seo tools such as Surfer seo to optimize content ranking.
  • Nearly 25 languages are supported. 

2. CloserCopy

CloserCopy is also a top AI content writing tool with a variety of features, including article writing, blog post writing, social media content writing, marketing and sales content writing, book writing, etc.

Closercopy is one of the best AI-powered content marketing writing tools. Closercopy can be an excellent alternative to Jarvis.

Closercopy Pricing

Closercopy offers the following three plans:

  • Starter at 29.99$ per month
  • Professional49.99$ per month
  • Unlimited 79.99$ per month

Obtain a 30% discount on annual plans. However, the recommendation is to go with a one-time payment lifetime deal. Examine the CloserCopy lifetime offer.


  • 250+ workflows and templates for marketing.
  • The company has its own artificial intelligence network.
  • Write a blog post in minutes.
  • Real-world content.
  • Nearly 127 languages are supported.

3. Frase.IO

Frase is the best AI Writing Assistant Software because it uses AI to create original, high-quality content for organic search.

Frase offers a comprehensive AI package that includes AI blog writing software, AI script writing software, content research, and SEO optimization.

Frase Pricing has three pricing plans.

  • Basic $44.99/month for 1 User
  • Team $114.99/month for 3 User
  • Enterprise Custom for an Unlimited Number of Users


  • AI content research, writing, and search engine optimization.
  • The AI SEO writing feature.
  • The company has its own artificial intelligence technology.
  • Numerous frameworks and templates
  • Optimization of Existing Content

4. Scalenut

Scalenut generates more relevant AI content for intelligence SaaS platforms; Scalent is a cost-effective solution for AI content writers. You can write a blog post, an email, or a social media post, among other things.

Scalenut is an effective writing tool for consistent bloggers, content creators, and business owners. One can consistently generate high-quality content.

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut offers 3 major pricing plans.

  • Individual monthly plans start at $29 and include 100,000 AI Words and 5 SEO Reports.
  • Growth plan starts at $79 per month with Unlimited AI Words and 30 SEO Report.
  • Pro plans begin at $149 per month and include unlimited AI words and unlimited SEO reports.


  • SEO-focused optimized content
  • Get Unlimited Content Ideas
  • Get High Quality and Long Content using seo Assistant for the blog post

5. Copymatic AI

In a matter of seconds, the Copymatic AI writing tool generates blog posts, landing pages, and digital advertisements for your business. Copymatic AI  keywords are used to increase website traffic.

Copymatic AI Pricing

Copymatic AI pricing plans are as follows:

  • Beginning Plan with 1000 Credits
  • Unlimited credits with the Pro Plan 


  • The power of artificial intelligence (AI) is unique, original, and natural.
  • Flexible settings that can be adjusted to increase the degree of creativity.
  • The customized brand tone for your company’s content
  • 50+ copy-writing Tools
  • Grammar Checking Software:
  • Sentence rewrites: Option

6. GrowthBarSEO

GrowthBarSEO can assist you in developing seo-friendly web content that ranks well on the Google Search Engine.

It is a popular choice among SEO writers due to its adaptability. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including keyword research, content ranking on Google, backlink analysis, and a great deal more.

This is an all-inclusive tool for content and SEO optimization.

GrowthBarSEO Pricing

GrowthBarSEO offers three packages.

  • Standard monthly fee of $79 includes 25 AI Content Outlines.
  • Standard monthly fee of 139 $ with 100 AI Content Outlines.
  • Standard 249 $/month subscription with 300 AI Content Outlines.


  • It is a highly user-friendly tool.
  • Create blog posts with a single click using the SEO toolkit. 
  • Discover billions of keywords and track competitors using GrowthBarSEO keyword discovery.

7. Simplified AI

With 50+ AI templates, a Simplified AI writer can generate high-quality content.

Create content that can be used for Facebook advertisements, business profiles, product descriptions, emails, and landing pages.

Create content that can be used for Facebook advertisements, business bios, product descriptions, emails, and landing pages. YouTube tags, descriptions, and more can be automatically generated by the AI Content Generator.

Create text AI in ten or more tones, and expand the reach of your message by employing thirty or more languages.

Simplified AI Pricing

  • Free Forever 0$
  • Small Team 12$
  • Business 24$
  • Growth 99$


  • All of the content-creation tools are present under one app.
  • Find Get faster and stay consistent by utilizing Brand Kits.
  • Connect with shopify, Google Drive, and your favorite apps.
  • Collaboration of Teams with Clients.

8. Writesonic

Writesonic AI is a piece of software that uses AI to write content. It can write in more than 20 languages, such as Spanish, French, etc.

It produces blogs, blog posts, and landing pages with superior content. One can quickly compose Google ads, Facebook ads, and email product descriptions. The tool is well-known for its outstanding paid advertisement copies.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic ai has following plans.

  • Free Trial 0$ with 10 credits
  • Basic 15$/moth with 100 credits
  • Economy 25$/month with 750 credits
  • Professional 45$/month with Unlimited credits with 1 User            
  • Startup 95$/moth with Unlimited credits with 2 User


  • The best tool for generating e-commerce and social media advertising content.
  • More than 150,000 agencies, marketing teams, and freelancers rely on it.
  • A GPT-3-based AI writing tool produces high-quality content with more than 50 copy-writing templates.
  • Outstanding customer service group.

9. AI Writer

AI Writer is a piece of writing software powered by artificial intelligence that generates accurate, relevant, high-quality content in just two minutes.

The AI-Writer will quickly produce a high-quality article based on the information you provide about your topic.

AI Writer Pricing

The AI writer has the following pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan 29$/ month upto 40 articles
  • Standard Plans 150$/month upto 150 articles
  • Power Plans 375$/month upto 1000 articles


  • It creates a high-quality, quality article in only two minutes.
  • It creates fresh SEO articles from an article headline.
  • Produces informative and factual content by confirming the authenticity of citations.
  • Rewording tools for text to modify the text to improve readability and SEO
  • It also provides API access.

10. Peppertype AI is a content-writing platform powered by artificial intelligence that assists content marketers in rapidly generating content-related ideas.

Peppertype AI Pricing

  • Individuals and small teams can start with a starter plan of $25 per month.
  • Monthly Growth Plan 165 for agencies, teams, and startups
  • Enterprise Plan for marketplace and enterprises (Price not mentioned, Contact with Peppertype AI Team)

There is no lifetime deal for Peppertype AI on the official website.


  • 30+ types of content & early access to new types of content.
  • The brand’s voice, along with other aspects, is put into the custom widgets and integration.
  • Bulk content generation.
  • Check for plagiarism and grammar.

11. Copysmith AI

Copysmith AI is the best AI copy-writing software for eCommerce teams and agencies.

The content created by AI is then perfected by humans. Copysmith AI was able to generate original phrases that accurately described the value proposition with less input.

It saved me time, and I hope to utilize it in future campaigns.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith has the following plans

  • Starter : 19$/month for the individual with 50 credits
  • Professional: 59$/moth for Team with 400 credits
  • Enterprise with unlimited credits for business needs ( For the price, contact CopySmith AI Team)


  • Copysmith AI Templates.
  • Built-in integral integrations are specifically designed to help you.
  • The powerful software lets you organize, create, and modify your documents all in one place.
  • Services of high quality at a low cost.


The Rytr AI writing tool can help you create high-quality content in minutes for a small fraction of the cost!

Rytr AI writer algorithms use historical data.

Rytr AI can make articles that are original, interesting, written in the right tone and style, and have the right punctuation. 

Rytr Pricing

Rytr has the following three plans:

  • Rytr’s free plan includes 5000 characters per month.
  • Saver plan for $9 per month for 50k characters. 
  • Plan with unlimited characters for $29 per month.


  • The process of creating content is simple and quick, using counts of words, characters, and a tone checker.
  • Checking for plagiarism ensures that you are getting the best quality content.
  • Check your writing’s grammar to ensure it is professional.
  • By making content from our list of more than 2,000 ideas, you can find the best solution for your idea.
  • Create your content with a professional flair by using the Form Generator.

13. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI writing tool that focuses on more than just grammar and punctuation. It also looks at the overall tone and style of your writing to make sure the message is right for the people you want to reach.

I activated the Grammarly online application, an add-on that monitors and analyses every word you type. It is similar to spell check but applies to everything you write, and it is more advanced than spell check because it examines grammar, tone, and style.

If you are uncomfortable with this, you can simply copy and paste your text into the online Grammarly software system, and it will check your content for you.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly has the following pricing plans:

  • Free plans for the individual with essential writing suggestions.
  • Premium plan for an individual with clarity improvement and other features.
  • Business plan for 3 to 149 members with clear communication and other features.


  • Grammar and context-error checking
  • Multilingual support  
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Content quality rating
  • Many software and apps are integrated with Grammarly online
  • Add-on for a secure browser
  • All AI-based checks
  • Both desktop and mobile versions are available

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