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The 75 best tech blogs & websites to Read | 2023

Without apps and devices, our lives would undoubtedly be bland and boring. There are numerous top-best tech blogs and websites for geeks, tech-savvy individuals, and those who wish to learn more about technology.

We have compiled a list of the top 75 best tech blog websites that you can visit to keep up with the industry.

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a popular website in the tech industry. TechCrunch reports on the tech business and analyzes emerging technology trends and new business information, startups, products, and more about tech. TechCrunch is the best tech blog that techie loves.

2. How to Geek

How to Geek is an online magazine that covers tech topics and helps users understand the latest gadgets. The articles are easy to understand and simple to follow.

3. Digital Trends

Digital Trends provides the most recent tech news, videos, and product reviews. It’s also one of the most popular tech news sites and offers the best tech deals.


CNET has a global leader in tech product reviews and news, prices, and videos. Forums, how-to articles, and other information. CNET is a must-have on any news website list.

5. Gizmodo

Gizmodo provides design, science, technology, and gadget information. You can find various product reviews, guides to gadgets, tech news, and much more. Gizmodo should be on every news site’s wish list.

6. ZDNet

ZDNet’s news, analysis, and research keep business technology professionals up to date with the most recent IT issues, trends, and events.

7. Life Hacker

Life Hacker claims that he is the best authority on optimizing all aspects of your life. David Murphy, their Senior Technology Editor, answers all your questions in his weekly tech advice column.

8. Business Insider

BusinessInsider is one among of the best tech blogs that provide information on finance, media, technology, and various other sectors. There are also a lot of high-quality videos on the site that provide information about different technology and gadgets. Therefore, BusinessInsider is the most reliable tech site to explore.

9. TechHive

This tech news site provides the most recent news and analysis about smart-home technology. TechHive includes everything you need to know about lighting controls, home security, appliances, and home entertainment. This link is essential for any tech website list.

10. Cord Cutters News

Cord Cutters News has all the latest news and reviews about streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and Hulu. Without this tech site, any news website list would be incomplete.

11. Computer World

Computerworld covers many technology topics focusing on core IT areas like Windows, Mobile, Apple, Office, and Office. It also contains information about collaboration, productivity suites, web browsers, blockchain, and tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

12. Product Hunt

Product Hunt provides a daily curation of the most innovative products. Find the most popular mobile apps, websites, and technology products everyone is talking about.

13. Gizmodo

Gizmodo tech blog provides design, science, technology, and gadget information. You can find various product reviews, guides to gadgets, tech news, and much more. Gizmodo should be on every news site’s wish list.

14. Gigaom

Gigaom tech blog is a company in the media industry that provides news, analysis, and views about startups, new technologies, and emerging trends.

15. Pocket-lint

Pocket-lint provides excellent information on the latest electronic products and news and reviews about gadgets and digital cameras.

16. LifeWire

LifeWire helps you make technology more enjoyable by testing, recommending products, and teaching you how they work.

17. Slash Gear

SlashGear provides thought-provoking and unrestricted insight through technology, science, and gaming articles.

18. TechRadar

TechRadar provides tech news and reviews across computing, home entertainment, gadgets, etc. TechRadar is a must-have for any tech news website list.

19. TechTarget

TechTarget offers purchase intent insight-powered solutions that enable you to identify, engage and influence active buyers within your tech market. It is the best source of enterprise technology content online and can help you identify high-quality prospects and companies in your market that are actively searching for solutions. You can effectively prioritize your outreach by knowing the true intent of customers.

20. Guiding Tech

Guiding Tech provides tech content such as buying guides, explanations, and other helpful information. These articles help readers make better buying decisions and teach them how to use the new gadget like a pro.

21. Gadget hacks

Gadget Hacks has excellent life hacks for smartphones. These articles cover the most important features of smartphones, including mods, skins, and apps. They will show you how to get the most out of your device and help you decide which one to buy.

22. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review aims to use authoritative and trusted journalism to help people make better technology-related decisions.

23. CB Intelligences

The CB Intelligence machine intelligence platform captures every private company funding and angel investment database. Find new deals, leads, and prospects and unlock the playbooks for competing venture capital firms.

24. Cord Cutters News

Cord Cutters News has all the latest news and reviews about streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and Hulu. Without this tech site, any news website list would be incomplete.

25. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf will be your guide to modern tech. Discover incredible things on the Internet and learn how to make the most of technology and gadgets all around you.


This tech site provides an online overview of top industry trends and payment news and insights and reporting on innovation, commerce, FinTech, and finance. It’s also a great place to keep up with niche industries.

27. PCWorld

PCWorld covers everything, from smartphones to laptops, from Windows 10 and productivity software to smartphones. It provides the Information and expert advice you need to do the job.

28. Digital Trends

Digital Trends provides the most recent tech news, videos, and product reviews. It’s also one of the most popular tech news sites and offers the best tech deals.

29. PCMag

PCMag provides a complete guide to computers and peripherals. They review and test tech products and services, double as tech news sites, and offer shopping advice and price comparisons. PCMag is also a favorite of many news sites lists.

30. Tom’s Guide

Tom’s guide improves your life by helping to decide which tech to buy and how to make the most of it.

31. The Next Web

The Next Web, or TNW, is a futuristic tech media company that focuses primarily on creating original and opinionated stories for “Generation T,” an increasing group of people interested in technology.

32. Venture Beat

VentureBeat is a leader in covering transformative technology. Their gaming and AI coverage help business leaders make better decisions.

33. Wired

Conde Nast owns Wired Magazine, publishing stories about how emerging technologies impact culture, politics, and the economy.

34. Ars Technica

ArsTechnica is a technology news site that has served technologists for over ten years.

35. Engadget

Engadget provides tech news and reviews. It is a comprehensive source of consumer tech news and has evolved to become a global multimedia organization covering the intersection between technology, gaming, and entertainment.

36. GeekWire

GeekWire provides tech news and commentary covering Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Internet startups, mobile, PCs, and geek culture.

37. Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo runs by a group of tech geeks covering everything, from pricing and competition to design and user interface. You will find incredible information about hardware, AI, and drones and reviews and tutorials on apps and gadgets.

38. Gadgets now

Gadgets now are owned by The Times of India and offer a wide range of information about mobile phones, smartwatches (fitness bands), electronic appliances, and other gadgets.

39. TechRepublic

TechRepublic provides excellent news, tips, and advice for tech professionals. The site provides IT professionals with unique content and peer-to-peer advice from some of the most influential IT leaders worldwide. It aids IT decision-makers in identifying technologies and strategies to empower employees and streamline business processes.

40. Wccftech

Wccftech provides updates on mobile phone technology and the gaming industry. It doubles as a tech news site, guide, review, etc. They also do in-depth analysis that leverages their industry knowledge for exclusive reports.

41. TechJunkie

TechJunkie delivers the most relevant and up-to-date technology news, hand-picked by, the leading technology news aggregation site. TechJunkie’s radio feature will allow you to listen even if you don’t have time to read the news.

42. TechSpot

TechSpot was established over two decades ago and had more than 6,000,000 readers monthly. It doubles up as an IT news site and is seen by geeks, power users, IT decision-makers, and gamers.

43. Tech Times

Tech Times provides news about the latest technology innovations, health, science, and their interactions with other industries. These stories show how technology and business intersect and how they impact daily life.

44. Tech Xplore

Tech Xplore is a division within the Science X Network that covers the most recent technology and electronic advances.

45. Extreme Tech

ExtremeTech offers news and analysis on science and technology trends. They are a vibrant community of experts striving to answer all technical questions.

46. Gadget Review

Gadget Reviews provides information and advice on the best appliances and electronics, and services for your home. They help consumers make the right buying decision. They won’t choose big companies with huge advertising budgets. Instead, they will only go with the products that offer the most value to customers. Another great feature is their two-pronged approach, which includes extensive research and hands-on product testing.

47. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review aims to use authoritative and trusted journalism to help people make better technology-related decisions.

48. Droid Life

Droid Life is an online platform that offers Android-related news, apps phone reviews, and hacking tricks.

49. 9to5Google

9to5Google delivers breaking news on all things Google and Android, such as stories about Google Pixel, YouTube, and Chromebooks.

50. Android Central

Android Central provides a comprehensive buyer’s manual that lists the top Android phones, deals, and news. This guide covers all aspects of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, ChromeOS phones, Google Home, and all compatible peripherals.

51. Android Authority

This Android news site is dedicated to providing expert tips and news on Android smartphones and apps and helpful how-to guides.

52. Android Police

Android Police provides an all-encompassing guide to everything Android. It covers everything Android, from news and apps to games and reviews.

53. Reuters

Reuters provides the most up-to-date technology news and the most popular information from around the globe, including the latest developments in technology and entertainment.

54. The Verge

The Verge has a great website about technology, science, and art. You can find in-depth coverage, feature stories, product information, and community content.

55. Trusted Reviews

TrustedReviews offers expert reviews of the most recent consumer electronics products. This includes regular consumer products such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, and home appliances. It will provide information about the latest tech industry news, analysis, and product launches.

56. Information

The information seeks to share important stories about tech businesses that you won’t find elsewhere. Even the most influential people trust them in the sector for fresh insights and information.

57. Forbes

You’ve probably heard of Forbes. It is a global media company whose focus is on business, investing in technology, leadership, and lifestyle.

58. Mashable

Mashable provides a broad range of information, entertainment, science, and tech. Tech-related articles will be found on gadgets, apps, smart homes, reviews, and many other topics.

59. Fortune

Fortune, a global media company, is dedicated to providing superior storytelling for its readers. The tech section offers news, analysis, and insight into technology and business. This includes Silicon Valley giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook.

60. Adweek

Adweek provides the most comprehensive source of news and insights for the brand marketing industry. This publication provides in-depth marketing information, including digital, print, and programmatic.

61. Vox

Vox provides a general interest news site for technology, politics, world affairs, and pop culture.

62. Fast Company

Fast Company has been the leading global progressive media brand with an unrivaled editorial focus on design, technology, leadership, and innovation.

63. Business Insider

Business Insider has a high-growth business site that offers deep financial, media, and tech insights. The place was launched in 2007 and is the most popular business news site online.

64. Windows Central

Windows Central acts as the heart of Windows Universe. It features news, reviews, help, tips, forums, and accessories. The buyer guides will help you find the right accessories. You can also check out their reviews of upcoming Xbox consoles and games.

65. Windows Report

Windows Report provides Information about Microsoft Windows and its products and services. They provide valuable tips and advice to PC owners. They aim to contextualize the effects of their developments in the vast technology world.

66. Apps for Business

Business Of Apps offers global news, data, and analysis for app business owners and is an essential resource for those who wish to market, build, and monetize their apps.

67. Dummies

Dummies make it easy to understand complex concepts. It is a platform that encourages people to learn and appreciate knowledge. Learners at all levels can benefit from expert editorial and an approachable style. Engaging experiences allow them to apply their knowledge to their professional advancement and personal improvement pursuits. Dummies make learning any subject easy by maintaining the highest editorial standards and vowing to develop new digital experiences.

68. Laptop Mag

Laptop Mag reviews all the latest laptops and tablets. Innovative tips and hands-on experience with the latest products are some of its strengths. They aim to simplify the process of buying laptops. For this reason, they offer the most popular top pick lists, interactive product searchers, and buying guides that will help you narrow down your search and avoid buyer’s remorse.

69. Variety

Variety has a variety of entertainment news and reviews. There are many interesting articles about the top apps and video games and celebrities who have used them.

70. Medium

Medium is unlike other internet platforms. It allows you to find interesting ideas, information, and perspectives on various topics, including tech. This platform features thousands of independent voices. It combines technology and humans to provide the best reading possible.

71. Inc.’s tech page is a treasure trove of information about cloud computing, big data, social media, etc.

72. MacRumors

MacRumors is a website that caters to a broad audience interested in recent technologies and products. They claim to have an active community that focuses on buying decisions and technical aspects of iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.

73. iMore

The iMore team shows you how to make the most of Apple’s products, apps, services, and devices. They provide in-depth buyer guides and expert product recommendations along with timely tips.

74. 9to5Mac

9to5Mac leads the Apple News Community in providing news that is both timely and relevant and breaking news about the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You will also find news, reviews, and rumors about Apple products and apps.

75. Apple Insider

Apple Insider provides detailed reviews, news, and price guides on every Apple product.

76. Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac provides daily news and analysis that covers all things Apple. They offer timely news, insightful analysis, helpful how-to guides, and honest reviews.

77. MacWorld

MacWorld is the place to go if you are a Mac enthusiast or just starting. It will tell you all you need to know about the latest, best, and most essential products.

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